पुरुषार्थ (puruṣārtha)- the Hindu belief that there are four goals or objectives for human existence.

  • Kāma: sensory pleasure
  • Artha: material prosperity
  • Dharma: moral righteousness
  • Mokṣa: spiritual liberation

The writings contained herein will be an outpouring of thoughts on ideas as varied as some of the following:

  • GTD (Gettings Things Done) - personal productivity lessons learn by implementing David Allen’s methodology
  • Security - while broad, this will cover my current interests in Information Security and all it entails
  • Photography - a newfound hobby of mine that I am still cultivating in order to bear the fruits
  • Cooking - another sensory pleasure that I tend to indulge in given the right conditions

My aim will be to cover materials painted in the colours of the four goals of puruṣārtha.

Enjoy your visit.

नमस्ते (Namaste)